Tangential Thinking


PERIOD 3: 1754-1800, Unit 3 (Ch. 5-6)

Unit 3 (Ch. 5-6) Resources and Readings Unit Outline: P3 S1 U3 16-17 Eric Foner Ch. 1 – Reading for 9/6, 9/8, & 9/15 (refer to outline for specific pg. numbers and instructions): FONER, CH.1 Textbook Questions to Be Answered:PERIOD 3 –



ERIC FONER, INTRO. pp. xiii-xxii Write down 3 substantive questions you have about the text. Cite the pg. number and paragraph number that prompted the questions. Yes, you have questions. Questions about the content only. If you do not know

Salem Web

Structured Academic Controversy Reading – 8/29/16

Was the Salem Witch Trials caused by a Fear of Women? NO – Salem Witch Trials YES – Salem Witch Trials Read the “Yes” or “No” position based on the information below based on last names. Make notes, marginalia, graffiti